SHIC runs on volunteer power. Over 100 volunteers have been the creators of the SHIC Program, the brains behind our website, and the voices that make up our outreach efforts. SHIC’s volunteers are a melting pot of different talents and backgrounds—working remotely from every corner of the globe to tackle the organization’s latest projects.

As a SHIC volunteer, you will have the opportunity to engage with a diverse set of tasks. Although we try to match each person with assignments that match their current skills, if you want to stretch yourself, you will be given the chance to take on new roles and responsibilities. You have the opportunity to become familiar with project management, copy writing and editing, web development, web marketing, outreach, communications, donor stewardship, and more! We currently have volunteers contributing to SHIC remotely from all over the world, so wherever you are based we encourage you to get involved.



If you’d like to volunteer, we ask that you commit at least three hours each week over a period of at least six months (you can break this up if you need to for holidays or busy periods at work or school).



For a more intensive experience, we also welcome applications to become a SHIC intern. In an intern position, you will have about 15 hours of work per week for a minimum of six weeks. This experience is a great way to get straight to the heart of the organization and also beef up your resume.



Our current volunteering opportunities are listed here, but get in touch even if the current opportunities don’t suit as there may be more roles coming up in the near future.  


Drop a line to the Manager of our Manager of Community, Catherine. Send an email, with a description about yourself and your skills to catherine@highimpactstudents.org, plus any questions or comments you may have.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can! We really appreciate your time, and we’re always excited to have new people on board.

What our volunteers have to say about SHIC

Through volunteering for SHIC I have had the value of collaboration reaffirmed in my mind. SHIC has shown me that people from all over the world can bring their experience to the table and create something pretty excellent together! It has shown me the value of working with people you would not normally get the chance to work with, and learning from each other.I have also realised that, in this digital age, you can achieve great things with like-minded people!
Lorrie Hayman
Volunteer, Japan
Volunteering with SHIC has been even better than I imagined. You get to jump in with a diverse and whip-smart team that inspires collaborative learning, and everyone is just so nice. They're passionate about what they do, and respectful of the time you have to offer. They really know how to bring people together for these incredible projects! If you're thinking about raising your hand to help, don't hesitate. You'll come away with so much.
Katie Gertsch
Volunteer, Canada
As soon as you start working with them, you'll see it's a real pleasure to interact with the people who run SHIC, and the other volunteers, because they're all awesome people! And as you start to see the outcomes of your work, you'll be reminded that you're helping (in your own way) to inspire others to maximise the good they do with their lives. Contributing to something that important (in whatever capacity you can) is more fulfilling than words can describe!
Clare Harris
Volunteer, Australia