The Team

The Team

We are a team of educators and charity workers who are passionate about making the world a better place. We want to help challenge previously-held assumptions about charity and provide the next generation with the skills required to make the largest possible positive impact on the world.

SHIC was founded in 2016, and is a project of Rethink Charity.

Core Staff

Baxter Bullock: Co-Founder

Baxter Bullock is a Co-founder of Students for High-Impact Charity and the SHIC foundation. Prior to SHIC’s founding, Baxter served as the Programs Manager for Charity Science, a foundation focused on researching and implementing the most effective fundraising methods for the most effective charities. In October 2015, Baxter interned with the Centre for Effective Altruism in Oxford, UK, which served as his transition into the nonprofit sector after over five years as an educator (high school math and ESL).

Tee Barnett: Co-Founder

Tee Barnett co-founded SHIC with Baxter Bullock in early 2016 having previously served as the Communications Manager at Charity Science. He earned his M.A. specializing in International Development from National Chengchi University (政治大學) in Taipei. While living in Taiwan for three and a half years, he founded The People’s English, a nonprofit community group that gave away free English classes in exchange for donations to charity.

Ravi Patel: Founding Advisor

Ravi Patel is currently studying Clinical Medicine at Jesus College, University of Cambridge, having graduated in Natural Sciences in 2015. Ravi founded and directed the ‘Take the Pledge’ annual New Year’s campaign in 2014, which reached university students around the world to encourage them to consider taking the Giving What We Can pledge; a pledge to give 10% of future income to high impact charities. He also founded the Jesus College Effective Altruism Society in 2016 whilst in the role of Strategy & External Projects Director for Giving What We Can Cambridge. He began collaborating on plans for SHIC in January 2015, joining forces with Baxter and Tee to help make the vision for SHIC a reality.

Catherine Low: Manager of SHIC

Catherine Low coordinates SHIC’s Outreach and Curriculum Development, as well as helping to deliver the SHIC program in schools. She has 11 years experience as a teacher of Science and Ethics in New Zealand schools. In her youth she was obsessed with finding out the secrets of the universe, and gained a PhD in particle physics at The University of Melbourne. Since then she has aimed to inspire students to improve the world using science. A founding member of Effective Altruism New Zealand, she has been involved in effective altruism outreach since 2015, giving presentations to groups around New Zealand.

David Vatousios: SHIC Educator

David runs Giving Games and SHIC workshops in Vancouver secondary schools. He is also responsible for much of the administration for the Local Effective Altruism Network (LEAN), another project of Rethink Charity. David also works as an actor and, before moving to Vancouver from Melbourne, Australia, he spent several months performing in a two-man show for secondary schools about how best to deal with various teenage boys’ issues.

Our Volunteers

The core staff are supported by a huge team of volunteers. Over 50 volunteers have been the creators of the SHIC Program, the brains behind our website, and the voices that make up our outreach efforts. SHIC’s volunteers are a melting pot of different talents and backgrounds — working remotely from every corner of the globe to tackle the organization’s latest projects. Here are some of the many volunteers that have contributed to SHIC.

Colin Bested – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Colin heads up SHIC’s student leader team. He reaches out to new students, helps new SHIC leaders start up clubs, and gives them guidance on running the SHIC program in their schools and universities.

Marisa Jurczyk – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Marisa runs many operations tasks for SHIC, keeping track of our student data, our student surveys, and maintaining websites. 

Dakota Norris  – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dakota runs SHIC’s social media presence, sharing thought provoking posts with our community. 

Kaitlin Alcantara – Antipolo City, Riza, Philippines

Kaitlin has helped out with improving the Introductory Program, where her background helping with impoverished communities in the Philippines has been valuable. Kaitlin has also helped out writing and building our website.

Ashley Francis – Detroit, Michigan, USA

Ashley assists with curriculum development, contributing to new levels and ensuring our resources are fully up to date. 

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Katie Gertsch – Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Katie is one of our expert program developers, and has written the text for many of the levels in the SHIC program.

Avi Iyer – Langley, Virginia, USA

Avi is part of our student leader team, attracting new student leaders to run SHIC in their schools. 

Christina Rosinack – New Jersey, USA

Christina is one of our expert copywriters. She has helped write and edit a lot of our website, level guides and other documents.

Arushi Gupta – New York, NY, USA

Arushi maintains SHIC’s website, keeping it up to date and adding and modifying content.

Owen Shen – Fremont, California, USA

Owen has provided feedback on many of the level guides on SHIC’s program, and writes for the SHIC student blog.

Rebecca Baron – Massachusetts, USA 

Rebecca was one of the first SHIC student leaders to test out SHIC levels. She helps out with writing the Student Leader Guide, the website, writing posts for the SHIC student blog, and honing many of the levels in the SHIC program.

Elliot Billingsley – Dallas, Texas, USA

Elliot is part of our Student Leader team. He helps new student leaders start up clubs, and assists them through the process of running the SHIC program in their club.

Emma Caplan, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Emma has worked on editing and reviewing Level Guides, reports and text for marketing. 

Nick Yeretsian – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nick helped set up many of SHIC’s Student Leaders, helping them to form and run SHIC groups.

Stephanie Nguyen – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Stephanie has researched new places for SHIC to find student leaders, and is creates and edits videos for the SHIC program.

Wray McOuat – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Wray has worked with us on reaching out to lots of groups around the world to let them know about the SHIC program.

Gaetane Bastian – New York City, New York, USA

Gaetane has been working on social media outreach.

Maia Regman, New York City, USA

Maia has done a variety of tasks for SHIC including reaching out to potential new Student Leaders.

Beka Somkhishvili, Riga, Latvia

Beka is our technical website guy, who set up the structure of our website.

Clare Harris – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Clare has lent her scientific understanding and communication skills to research, design and develop some of the levels in the Advanced Program.

Camille Ancessi – Vancouver, Canada, USA

Camille was a key volunteer when SHIC was brand new, acting as the Communications Officer coordinating  and assisting new Student Leaders and Volunteers.

June Lee – Bay Area, California, USA

June has helped to write the guide on how to become a Student Leader, and has contributed to editing and building our website.

Eve McCormick – Cambridge, UK

Eve has worked on a variety of tasks for SHIC, including build the website, teacher outreach, and student leader recruitment.

Anna Mulcahy – London, UK

Anna has helped SHIC with our fundraising strategy and coordinating our outreach to schools around the world.

Michael Chen – New York City, New York, USA

Michael does a variety of tasks for SHIC, including editing and reviewing level guides, helping with SHIC’s outreach to new schools, and writing for the SHIC student blog.

Lily MacFaydian

Lily is one of our great graphic designers, and designed our website and created images for our website and our program.