The SHIC Programs

The SHIC Programs are designed to introduce students to the main concepts of effective altruism, which aims to answer the not-so-simple question:

What’s the best way for me to improve the world?

Our programs present global issues such as world poverty, animal welfare, climate change, and possible future catastrophes like nuclear proliferation and harmful artificial intelligence. The levels include exercises that incorporate science, ethics, discussion, and critical thinking, students engage with eye-opening realities and investigate their own misconceptions and biases about the world around them. And most importantly, they give students tools to tackle these problems effectively.

SHIC has four programs to suit the time you have available and the interests of your group. A step-by-step guide is provided with all programs which can be edited to suit your group. Feel free to pick and choose what works for you!

To download the files, click on the “Download” links below to open up our Google Drive, then select the file or files you want and right-click (on PC) or control-click (on Mac), and select “Download”.



Full Program
The Full SHIC Program

The full SHIC program consists of 10 levels, each of one to two hours. The program can be edited to fit the interests of the group and the time you have available. 

This is a thorough introduction to effective altruism concepts, with practical advice on how to take action with our money, volunteering time and careers.

It is ideal for high school or university groups.

Short Program
The Short SHIC Program

The short SHIC program consists of three levels, each of 1.5 hours.

This program is ideal for use in Social Studies and Philosophy classes. It is a short introduction to effective altruism concepts and cause areas.

Short Introduction to Effective Altruism

This is a short interactive introduction to effective altruism concepts, featuring a charity evaluation activity. 

It is ideal for any group interested in making a difference.

Math Program
The Mathematical SHIC Program

The mathematical SHIC program consists of three levels, each of 1.5 hours.

It is ideal for use in Math classes and clubs, as it focusses on how Math can be used to effectively improve the world.


There is also an online course for individuals at

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