The SHIC Program

SHIC’s ultimate goal is simple: we want to help students answer the question ‘What’s the best way for me to improve the world?’.

The SHIC program is a comprehensive collection of activities, videos, and discussions that delve into some of the most pressing global issues, such as world poverty, animal welfare, climate change, and possible future worldwide catastrophes.

The Introductory Program provides an overview of these issues and suggests novel, evidence-based ways to tackle them.

The first level to tackle is, “The Giving Game,” which can be used as an interactive standalone level that can introduce the key ideas of high-impact charity without requiring an extended time commitment to the program. Then groups can move on to the Introductory Program levels 1 through 6.

After completing the Introductory Program, students can move on to the Advanced Program, which dives more deeply into global issues and important critical thinking skills. As SHIC is a young organisation this Advanced Program currently only has a few levels, but new levels are being added constantly.

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