The Full SHIC Program

Each of the 10 levels take one to two hours, but feel free to pick and choose activities to suit the time available and the interests of your group. 

To download the files, click on the “Download” links below to open up our Google Drive, then select the file or files you want and right-click (on PC) or control-click (on Mac), and select “Download”.


 Level 1
The Giving Game

This interactive thought experiment is the best way to start the SHIC program. After learning about several charities, you and your group are tasked with selecting the one you deem as having the biggest impact. The difficulties involved in this task will demonstrate that you can’t necessarily rely on your intuition to choose a charity, and will give your group a taste of how evidence and analysis can, and should, be used to select a charity.

This is a great stand-alone level and an excellent introduction to high-impact charity.

Level 2
Smashing Preconceptions

How can you improve the world without fully understanding it? This level will challenge your preconceptions about global poverty, provide an in-depth idea of what it truly means to be poor, and reveal information about how the world is changing.

Through videos hosted by Hans Rosling, a highly respected Swedish medical doctor, academic and statistician, students will be introduced to new ways of thinking about critical issues and the misconceptions surrounding key global problems.

Level 3
Rethinking Charity

Are we morally obligated to address global poverty? In Level 3 you’ll try a provoking thought experiment that will enlighten you about the true state of the world. Then you’ll see where your income will likely stand in relation to the global average, and ponder your charitable opportunities and obligations to the world.

Level 4
Morality and Animals

Starting with a classic thought experiment about moral dilemmas, this level aims to broaden your knowledge about issues affecting animals. You will be guided through an exploration of the philosophy surrounding our obligations to animals, including the ethics of eating meat. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of humanity in a historical context, and critically discuss the best ways to reduce animal suffering.

Level 5
Catastrophic Risks

The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders! This level tackles potential catastrophes in our future that could threaten the whole of humanity. You’ll explore extreme climate change, nuclear weapons, pandemics, and threats from artificial intelligence. But it’s not all doom and gloom: you’ll also learn what you can do to reduce the chances of the apocalypse!

Level 6
High-Impact Careers

How can you best help solve the world’s largest problems with your career? The classic idea of doing good can be surprisingly ineffective. In this level you’ll question traditional career advice, and learn about some surprising ways that you can make a huge impact.

Level 7
Cognitive Quirks

Human minds tend to err in predictable ways, but luckily we can learn to be aware of these quirks, and try to overcome them.This level will challenge us to take a closer look at our minds and what makes them tick. We’ll examine how and where we get things wrong, as well as why that matters if we want to make the world a better place.

Level 8
Global Consequences

You may be kind, helpful and respectful to everyone you encounter, but still, your actions will harm others. This level looks at the way people’s actions (especially wealthy people) can have unintended ripple effects on the poorest people in the world. There are some uncomfortable truths in this level, but we owe it to everyone to investigate our negative impact.

Level 9
Climate Change

Just about everything we do results in the emission of greenhouse gases. Climate change is already causing serious harm to people, animals, and the ecosystems we rely on, and it looks like it is only going to get worse. In this level you can find out what role you play in the warming of the earth, and how we can most effectively combat or adapt to this global issue.  

Level 10
Effective Fundraising

Now that your group has learnt about the most pressing issues in the world, it is time to take action. Learn how to run an effective fundraiser for your favourite charity.



Want to keep learning after you have finished the full program? There are loads of activities, videos, and fascinating articles to read here.