SHIC Advanced Program

SHIC Advanced Program

The SHIC Advanced Program is designed to be used after the completion of the Introductory Program. As SHIC is a new organization this Advanced Program currently only has a couple of levels, but new levels are being added regularly.  

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To download the files, click on the “Download” links below to open up our Google Drive, then select the file or files you want and right-click (on PC) or control-click (on Mac), and select “Download”.
Level 6
Cognitive Quirks

Human minds tend to err in predictable ways, but luckily we can learn to be aware of these quirks, and try to overcome them.This level will challenge us to take a closer look at our minds and what makes them tick. We’ll examine how and where we get things wrong, as well as why that matters if we want to make the world a better place.

Level 8
Climate Change

Just about everything we do results in the emission of greenhouse gases. Climate change is already causing serious harm to people, animals, and the ecosystems we rely on, and it looks like it is only going to get worse. In this level you can find out what role you play in the warming of the earth, and how we can most effectively combat or adapt to this global issue.  

Level 7
Global Consequences

You may be kind, helpful and respectful to everyone you encounter, but still, your actions will harm others. This level looks at the way people’s actions (especially wealthy people) can have unintended ripple effects on the poorest people in the world. There are some uncomfortable truths in this level, but we owe it to everyone to investigate our negative impact.