Become a SHIC Teacher

Why use SHIC at your school?

A key goal of education is to inspire the next generation to become engaged, forward-looking global citizens with critical thinking skills and a strong ethical framework. The Students for High-Impact Charity program embodies these attributes.

SHIC is for any teacher who wishes to make an exceptional impact on their students and the world. The SHIC program challenges students to ask not only “How can I make the world a better place?”, but also, “How can I make the biggest difference in the most effective way?” Many courses introduce important issues in the world, but SHIC is unique in that it encourages students to consider many different global issues and actions, and act to improve the situation using reason and evidence.

The SHIC program is designed for students from ages 15 to 20; however, the material has been used with students as young as 11 and adult groups.

As a SHIC teacher, you’ll be joining a global team of ahead-of-the-curve educators who appreciate the importance of introducing students early to a rational, evidence-based system for contributing effectively to society. SHIC teachers also understand the importance of guiding students in making critical decisions about how best to use their time, resources and career.

How SHIC can be incorporated in your school

The SHIC program is a fantastic complement to classes like Social Studies, Global Citizenship, Social Responsibility, Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge. This is because it prompts students to think about their ability to contribute to society and how they can do good in the best way possible. SHIC also incorporates ideas from science (such as randomized controlled trials) and economics to explain how to use evidence to improve lives.

Student engagement can be enhanced by letting students do the teaching. The SHIC program is straightforward to use, so there are ample opportunities for you to let students run the class. Some SHIC classes have presented the materials to their peers in assemblies and meetings. The fundraising component of the program permits students to choose the cause area and their favorite effective charity, and use their ingenuity and teamwork skills to raise money.

Beyond the classroom, the SHIC program can be incorporated seamlessly into many clubs and after-school activities. The curriculum can serve as the foundation for a new SHIC club or can be an interesting addition to existing charity or philosophy oriented student groups. Introducing an analytical approach to charity will help students refine club activities such as fundraising to generate a significantly greater impact. Finally, career and guidance counselors may find it useful to introduce students to certain levels of the program—in particular Level 5: High-Impact Careers—which explores students’ preconceptions about helping careers, and looks at the evidence on how to choose a satisfying, high-impact career.

The most important reason to use SHIC in your school is that it changes lives. In the long term, you may have a significant impact on your students beliefs and approaches to life, and collectively they could have a huge prosocial impact— thanks to your work.


The levels immediately capture the attention and interest of the students. The topics come across as both unusual in a school context and extremely relevant and contemporary. The varied use of teacher exposition, classroom debate and videos makes the levels lively and entertaining as well as informative.
Roland Reichart
SHIC teacher, Austria
The SHIC program worked perfectly as the basis for an after-school club with my sixth-form students (16-18). The topics provoked some interesting discussion and pupils were keen to return session after session. The resources are very comprehensive and self-explanatory, yet still easy to modify to suit your needs!
James Harris
SHIC Teacher, UK

How to Become a SHIC Teacher

SHIC Teachers implement the SHIC program in their school community. This could mean presenting the program to students as part of a regular class, or as an extracurricular club or activity. The program is self-contained and generally the only preparation required is to review materials beforehand, and have a laptop and data projector to go over instructions for exercises, read discussion questions, and show videos.

We provide you with all of the course material for free and can even provide one-on-one guidance prior to the start of your program, so you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible.

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Surveys give crucial feedback and help us assess our impact. In your first session, please remember to ask your SHIC students to complete our short SHIC pre-survey.  Once you’ve finished the Introductory Program, make sure to have everyone fill out our SHIC post-survey.

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