Become a SHIC Student Leader

What is a SHIC student leader?

SHIC student leaders are high school or university students who run SHIC clubs at their schools to share our program with their classmates. They plan lessons, guide discussions, and run charity fundraisers. They are ambitious thinkers with a powerful dedication to doing good. SHIC gives them the tools to act on it.

SHIC student leaders enjoy personal support from SHIC headquarters whenever they need it. The time commitment is about two hours for each level they teach (about one hour to prepare the lesson and one hour to teach it), though they have considerable autonomy and flexibility. SHIC can be run in a designated Students for High-Impact Charity Club, or specific SHIC levels and resources can be incorporated into existing groups’ programs. Charity, community service, philosophy, and psychology clubs are good fits for the SHIC program.

Why become a SHIC student leader?

Level up your impact!

By inspiring your fellow students to consider the most effective ways to make a difference in their lives, you could have a really huge impact on them and on the world.

Skill development

You will be practising public speaking, and gaining valuable organisational, leadership and critical thinking skills.


You’ll get a slot on our website (if you want), features on our student blog, university and job application content for your CV, as well as letters of recommendation from the SHIC staff.

Community service hours

The time you spend running a SHIC club can count towards community service hours. In fact, by inspiring others to effectively take action on the world’s biggest problems, this might be the most impactful community service you could do.

Deep Understanding

The best way to learn something is to teach it! By running the SHIC program you will gain a deep understanding of global issues and potential solutions.

Personal enjoyment

What is more, you’ll have fun by learning fascinating things and having engaging discussions with new friends.

How do I become a SHIC student leader?

1. Contact us!

Find a time to chat with us over Skype or on the phone and talk you through getting started. Or email us on

2. Talk to a teacher or school administrator about starting a Students for High-Impact Charity club.

Or, if you think the SHIC Program is appropriate for an existing club, talk to its leaders to see if you could lead some sessions using the SHIC curriculum or its ideas.

3. Prepare for your first event.

Find a time and a room, then advertise the event. SHIC can help provide posters and flyers, as well as mentorship on how to run the event.

4. Run your first level.

Start with the Giving Game. This level is a great introduction to high-impact charity, so try to get as many people to join as you can, including teachers. Make sure students fill out the Pre-SHIC survey before you start, as well as the Post-Giving Game Report when you’ve finished so that real money goes to the charity your group chooses.

5. Continue through the rest of the levels,

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us at!

6. Run a fundraiser for your favourite charity

Guidance to how to go about fundraising is on Level 6. An easy way to fundraise for the world's most effective charities is to use the High-Impact Fundraiser website.

More details on each of these steps and more can be found in our student leader guide.


SHIC gave me an actionable roadmap of how to use my life to help others. It was amazing to help my friends find that sense of direction through the lively discussions sparked by the SHIC curriculum.
Rebecca Baron
SHIC student leader, US
SHIC has a fantastic curriculum focused on helping others that's totally unique. While other groups focus their efforts with solutions already in mind, SHIC challenges students to think about what coming with solutions in the first place might look like.
Owen Shen
SHIC student leader, US