A new generation making the biggest possible difference. 

Students for High-Impact Charity (SHIC) is an international organization that provides educational resources to help students discover how to do as much good in their lives as possible by empowering them to think critically about charity.

The SHIC program is based on the principles of effective altruism, which is a philosophy and community applying reason and evidence to do the most good they can do.

During the SHIC program students learn to think critically about how to make the largest positive difference in the world, choosing high-impact careers, and making ethical life choices. Students emerge not only with a deep knowledge of the world’s most pressing issues, but also with the vision and ability to effectively improve the world.

What people say about SHIC

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was really the wake up call that I needed [...] I have realised that I do not want a life where I am only thinking of myself and those closest to me.
Holly Reid
Student, New Zealand
SHIC has a fantastic curriculum focused on helping others that's totally unique. While other groups focus their efforts with solutions already in mind, SHIC challenges students to think about what coming up with solutions in the first place might look like.
Owen Shen
Student Leader, USA
Catherine was amazing when she came and lectured for me. The students absolutely loved her, and she got them so empowered as to how they as individuals could do real good. It was fabulous!
Fiona Dalzell
Environmental Ethics Lecturer,
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
SHIC gave me an actionable roadmap of how to use my life to help others. It was amazing to help my friends find that sense of direction through the lively discussions sparked by the SHIC curriculum.
Rebecca Baron
Student Leader, USA
The levels immediately capture the attention and interest of the students. The topics come across as both unusual in a school context and extremely relevant and contemporary. The varied use of teacher exposition, classroom debate and videos makes the lessons lively and entertaining [...]
Roland Reichart
Teacher, Austria
Catherine and David came to teach our alternative school and the presentation was incredible. Staff and students were thoroughly engaged, entertained and challenged throughout the class and I would strongly recommend this for not only other students, but also community groups, social advocates, workplaces and really anyone would benefit from this workshop.
Markie Giammarino
Teacher, Vancouver,